How to Properly Shoot a Recurve Bow? A Comprehensive Guide 2021

Recurve bow is commonly used for archery and hunting. Now it becomes a more popular sport.

There are many bows use for target archery and hunting but recurve bow is preferred over other bows for the beginner as well as expert. Because this bow is easy to handle and use.

Archery is exciting and enjoyable Sports. So, develop more interest and enjoy proper guidance is required for anything.

The purpose of this guide is how to shoot a recurve bow accurately Step by step. This guide is based on experience and proper research. After this complete guide, you will be able to hit the target confidently and consistently.

Standing Position

Standing position means your stance. Proper archery stance recurve is critical to release the arrow toward the target. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your body should be perpendicular to the target and the left side of the body in front of a target.

Weight is equally distributed for each foot. you are not lean backwards and forward. Your good stance is helpful to good shoot and consistency. Keep remain instance until you shoot.

Commonly archer uses two types of stance; square stance and open stance.

Square Stance

In squares, stance feet are straight shoulder-width apart and body perpendicular to the target.

Open Stance

Open stance your left foot slightly toward the target. Open stance gives you more clearance to recurve bow from arm and chest for shooting. But beginners start with a square stance.

Body Posture

Head to world target turn, but the body is perpendicular to the target. Your body aligns with shoulder hips and Heels Don’t lean to one side or the other.

Rather, that your body is aligned with a center vertical line to keep yourself straight. Legs and upper body should be along. Your posture is good, then maximize your stability. The chest remains straight not inward or outward keep natural.

  • A combination of good stance and posture has good grouping on the target.
  • Choose that stance that is comfortable for you according to your body flexibility.
  • In good restaurants comfortable and keep relax.

How to hold a Recurve Bow

If you right-handed pick the bow with the left hand, your grip firm but comfortable. Do not hold the bow like a cricket bat. Your knuckles Should be at 45 degrees to the bow. Your fingers should be relaxed because muscle not tens, and your hand naturally rotated.

  • When you elevate, recurve bow, correct position of knuckles that help the elbow’s proper place.
  • Your grip should be natural. Don’t death grip; this produces inaccuracy in the result.

Arrow Placement

First of all, pick up the arrow and place it at bow rest. Already you have located the point at the bowstring by using a locator. And other ends of the arrow fix at below the string locator without pulling the string the arrow parallel with bow rest that is called nock point.


Elevate the recurve bow to shoulder height with a straight arm, and the elbow should lock. Bent arm may be hart your elbow. And remain straight until release the arrow.

Your arm should be straight but not overstressed at arm keep possible at relaxing position. Involve your back muscles by squeezing shoulder blades. Not only use arms and shoulder to pull the bowstring back.

Grabbing Bowstring

Grabbing the bowstring means how to hooking the bowstring. Grabbing the bowstring finger portion is very important. Use index, middle and ring fingers for hooking the bowstring two common styles used for holding the bowstring. it’s time to how to grab a bowstring.

  • Under three fingers
  • 1 over and two under or Olympic style
  • For beginners, 3 under style is preferred over one over 2 under for grabbing the string
  • Used first joints of your fingers mean fingertips. because this is easy to release the string

Under 3 Fingers

Under three-finger style three-finger (index, middle, and ring) under the arrow and thumb lock, the little finger keeps Relax. In three-finger techniques, aiming becomes an easy beginner. and your mind don’t touch your figure with an arrow

1 Over and 2 Under

1 over and 2 under singer style one finger over the nock tow under the nock that’s called Olympic style because this style using Olympic Archer. In this position, your index finger is above the arrow and your middle and ring finger are below it.

Pull a string and Push Bow

Pulling back the sitting is called drawing. Now we learn how to draw the recurve bow.

Before pulling the string, make sure the body perpendicular to the target and head to word targets. Fingertips also and good position. One hand is used to hold the bow by other hand pulls back the string to an anchor point.

  • The body should be straight lower, and the upper body is aligned.
  • knuckles angle at 45 degrees to the bowline.
  • For good drawing, your back muscle involves properly. Both shoulders are straight.
  • The chest keeps a natural position, not inward or outward.

Raise the bow and aim the arrow at the target before you pull the string back. Don’t draw with the bow pointed down at the ground or up into the sky. Make sure when you are drawing, the elbow of your tab arm (the arm pulling the string) is high.

Higher than the line of the arrow. This will force you to use your upper back muscles to draw the string and not rely on pure arm strength. Your back should be stronger and straight. When you draw pull the bowstring toward the anchor point and push the bow toward the target. And also arm straight.

Anchor Point

In recurve bow shooting anchor point is a very important step. The anchor point is a point at which to rest the hand on the bow near the face corner after drawing the bow and before releasing the bow. when you draw the recurve finding your anchor point by practice is slightly different from person to person.

In this step bow arm straight to target and string hand pull back. The bowstring crosses the lips and in front of the nose. The hand should be under the jawline.

Involve your back muscle not only use arms and shoulders muscle because when not use back then you will tire. Keep reference point in mind like chin lips nose for the string when you anchor. This cause consistency in the anchoring of archer recurves bow.

The important for anchoring the recurve bow is when you selected the anchor point, then practice all the time with that point consistency. If the anchor point does not remain the same then the arrow will not hit the target as a good grouping.


IN aim, you want to give the direction to an arrow. If you no use sight, then for aiming, use an arrow tip. Use one eye; another eye should close—your aim slightly high from the target. Body in relax and balance potion for stability. If you were more stable, then grouping is accurate.

YOU should aim as early as possible take 3 to 6 second for aim. If you stay more in the draw position you will tire and feel stress in your muscles. For the best result, I recommend you during the drawing process start aiming. Use one eye to align the arrow tip toward the target.


After aiming now releasing the arrow smoothly and stably. The bowstring release by just relaxing the finger off the string. Make sure your finger does not touch with an arrow this will cause drifting in the arrow. When opening the fingers pull back your draw hand. Hand keep close to the face and near the ear.

Focus on target rather than arrow movement. Don’t move your recurve bow arm keep straight. Single movement in your arm may be hurt you. For save and good release use arm guard.


After releasing the arrow, hand back to close ear, and body should remain the same position of aiming. And wait to hit the target.

Final Words

Now’s day’s proper archery form recurve is a very popular sport and also use for hunting and the protection of life. If you beginners, then for becoming good and confident archer follow all the techniques and tips. Recurve bow is best at expert and beginner level archery and hunting

For learning to shoot a recurve bow practice all these steps carefully which is like proper stance, nocking, hooking, drawing, anchoring, aiming releasing and fellow throw. Mainly focus on consistency in all steps for this purposes choose a target becomes an almost instinctive and natural action for you.

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